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Arizona Rug Company offers area rug cleaning, sanitizing and repair services on any area rug size or style. We also offer rug protection, rug appraisals and rug storage.

Trust your area rugs to our care and expertise.


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Area Rug Cleaning

Our expert cleaning staff will pick-up your rugs and professionally clean them by HAND to preserve the beauty and look you have come to expect from your fine rugs.

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We use a deep wash process which requires flooding the rug with special cleaning solutions designed specifically for fine rugs. This is followed by a thorough rinsing and drying under the sun for the best finish, smell, and richness.


Area rugs can last a very long time provided proper care and attention is given. Depending on the usage and the amount of traffic, a rug should be cleaned professionally every 1-5 years. Though a rug may not look dirty, it can collect dirt from daily use which may not be visible to the naked eye. In addition, dust can accumulate at the bottom of a rug pile and over time cause foundation deterioration. Elect our cleaning, caring experience and expertise for rugs of all kinds since 1950’s, and enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction as documented on Google customer reviews.


Professional rug appraisal is a highly skilled, specialized task. An appraiser must not only know how to identify your rug, he/she must also know how to accurately assess its market value. Many people mistakenly choose to have their Oriental rugs appraised by an antique furniture dealer or an auctioneer, with rug experience of over 50 years, we can accurately appraise your rugs to their current market values.


Your rugs are a substantial investment in the comfort and beauty of your home. A rug pad enhances your rugs and helps to maximize your investment. A rug pad is a must for every rug whether used on hard surfaces or on carpet.


Arizona Rug Company is a Full range area rug and carpet repair and restoration specialist. We have expertise in all types of wool, synthetic, silk, and natural materials of fine hand-made or machine made area rugs. Our services include: Reweaving, Serging, Binding, Pet Stain Removal, Spot Cleaning & Odor Removal


RuGuard, this amazing water based product, protects your rugs from all kinds of spills; soft drinks, coffee, tea, wine, etc.


Short and long term storage of rugs is available. Please contact us for more information.